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How are you able to pay me cashback?

We have special contracts with certain conditions with the broker at this website. We are getting paid by them for our services and for referring clients. What we do is, we pay a certain amount back to our clients. Hence you can enjoy getting cash rebates every month without doing anything. You trade at your favourite broker. In the past, you got nothing. From now on you get a lot of money back.  

How do I start getting paid on my trades?

At first you need to choose your favourite Forex broker at our website. Please follow the instruction of the broker in order to open a live trading account. You do not open the account at fxrebates.de, but at the website of the broker directly. Additionally please sign up at our website at fxrebates.de in order to receive your cashback. When you sign up, our team will support you in any question you might have. Please note: Being reffered by us does not incur any costs to you. 

Do my spreads increase if I open a Forex account through  fxrebates.de?

No, there ist no difference as if you'd open an account directly at the broker's website. The only difference by opening the account through us, is that you will receive cashback.

When will I receive my rebate?

You will be able to request payouts in the member area once your balance is higher than the minimum payout requirement.

How do I get paid?

You will be paid by PayPal, Bank deposit or Bank wire without any fees except the normal incoming transaction fees.

Where can I find my rebate total?

Please go to  the 'My fxrebates Account' section in the member area to find out your rebate total.

For any further questions don't hesitate to contact us.

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